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Shoushana Ohanessian
Chairwoman of the Board and the President of Autonomous Solutions, Inc., Co-Founder
Leads the board of directors and ensures corporate governance practices and an effective board structure. In her role as President, her responsibilities include leading the day-to-day operations of the company, building and leading a strong management team, ensuring financial stability and profitability, monitoring performance, and building relationships with key stakeholders.
Shahan Ohanessian
Board of Director Member and CEO of Autonomous Solutions, Inc. Co-Founder
Sets the company's vision and strategy, builds a high-performing team, makes critical business decisions, manages financial performance, fosters a strong company culture, and represents the company.
Andres Munoz
COO of VenHub Operations. Board of Advisors of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
Oversees VenHub's Autonomous Stores business, which includes managing Autonomous Stores' manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain operations. As a Board of Advisor member, he provides guidance to leadership on strategic decisions.
Lance Brinker
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics Operations.
Oversees the planning, development, and execution of supply chain management strategies and logistics operations, which includes managing inventory levels, optimizing transportation and distribution networks, developing and maintaining supplier relationships, and ensuring that products are delivered to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner, while also identifying and mitigating supply chain risks, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards. As a Board of Advisor member, provides guidance to leadership on strategic decisions.
Marc Ross
Board of Advisors of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
Manages the legal affairs of an organization, provides legal advice and guidance to executive management and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations. As a Board of Advisor member, provides guidance to leadership on strategic decisions.
David Ojeda
Board of Advisors of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
Provides the team with invaluable insights and recommendations to ensure the success of this groundbreaking initiative. As a member of the Board of Advisors, he brings his strategic thinking, project management skills, and leadership expertise to guide the development of VenHub's Autonomous Robotic Store project
Seth Farbman
Board of Advisors of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
Seth Farbman has built a career in servicing private and public (domestic and foreign) companies. Mr. Farbman was the Co-Founder and President of Vintage Filings which he sold to PR Newswire (UBM) in 2007. In this role, Mr. Farbman serviced over 3,000 publicly traded companies to provide SEC EDGAR and financial print services related to IPOs, Proxy Statements, Annual Reports, Shareholder Meetings, etc. Mr. Farbman was a founding partner and a Co-Chairman of Vcorp Services which he sold in October 2016 to Wolters Kluwer. Mr. Farbman was also the Co-Founder and Chairman of Vcheck Global (vcheckglobal.com), a background and due diligence services company which he sold in 2021 to Sunstone Partners, a private equity firm. Mr. Farbman currently serves as the Chairman and President of Vstock Transfer, with a focus on pre IPO, Nasdaq and NYSE MKT listed issuers. He is also the founder of eSignatureGuarantee.com, an online resource for medallion signature guarantees. Prior to starting Vintage Filings, Mr. Farbman served as a securities attorney at a NY Law Firm with a concentration on securities regulation and capital markets. Mr. Farbman enjoys speaking with people about all things related to startups, marketing and Linkedin. He recently launched a Linkedin marketing for private and public companies, Share Media.
Matt Hidalgo
Chief Financial Officer of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
Oversees VenHub’s financial reporting and planning. With Over 15 years of experience in accounting, operations, financing, restructuring, He has served as chief financial officer for invested portfolio companies both public and private. As a Board of Advisor member, provides guidance to leadership on strategic decisions.
Hours of operation:  8 AM - 6 PM EST

Pioneering the World's Smartest Stores

  • Our 24/7, autonomous stores can be delivered anywhere they fit in just days, come fully stocked, and can be tailored to nearly any retail vertical

  • 5X higher margins

  • 50X faster to open

  • $44.8M in pre-orders

Opportunity ends in:

Opportunity ends in

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We’re working with global multinational partners, including:

We already received $44.8 million in potential revenue pre-orders for our smart stores after opening this deal to the public.


Convenience stores are Stuck in the past

Did you know that the convenience store industry has the potential to make $654 billion (1) in sales each year? That's a crazy amount of money! However, there are a few problems that are holding the industry back from reaching its full potential. Our team is working hard to tackle these issues and become the go-to solution for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Cost to Build
Build Time
Footprint (sq. ft.)
Flexible/Easy to Relocate
$50K - $350K
7 Days
300 - 1,600 SKUs
160 - 600
Legacy Convenience Stores(2)
$750K - $1.5M
12-16 Months
300 - 1,000 SKUs

Our Smart Stores Can 5X Business Margins

Our smart stores are fully automated, run themselves 24/7, and our AI can anticipate inventory and customer needs. They can fit nearly anywhere and can be opened in just a week. Customers will love the lack of crowds, easy in-app ordering, and drive-up convenience.

Lower costs
Lower costs across the board - less real estate, no construction, no staffing
Our smart stores are flexible - they can fit in more places and be relocated easily
24/7 automation
24/7 automation is more convenient for customers and eliminates theft
Customers can drive-through or order on the app and pick up their order in 1.5 minutes
problems that we fixed
High costs drag down profits
Between soaring real estate prices, construction, staffing, and overhead expenses, store owners face an uphill battle to turn a profit. These costs also make relocation and expansion difficult.
The labor shortage slows hiring
Finding people to staff stores, especially for 24/7 stores, is getting harder and harder. Many tasks like restocking and inventory are labor intensive, which require more employees and drive up costs.
Shoplifting costs retailers $100B(3)
Shoplifting and robberies are a constant threat for store owners. Losing money to theft is especially burdensome when margins are tight. And the risk of crime is a threat to employees and customers alike.

$44.8M in potential revenue lined up

The market is demanding our solution. We received deliver our for our smart stores after opening this deal to the public. That represents $44.8M in potential revenue. We aim to deliver our first Smart Stores in Q4 2024.

Electric & Gas Stations
Pet supply stores
Events & Concerts
Storage lockers

We’re solving the $654B convenience store industry’s biggest problems

There are 152,000 convenience stores in the U.S. doing $654B in sales each year(4). This is a huge market for us to disrupt.

Not only are our smart stores an upgrade over existing stores, but we lower the barrier to entry for new owners, making it easier to access this market’s revenue potential.

Why Now

Timing is everything. Consumers are wanting faster, more convenient options. Business owners are looking to cut costs and fill the labor gap. And robotics and AI have advanced enough to make our solution possible. Now our team is poised to make our vision a reality at just the right time. Join us on our journey.

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3 Ways We Make Money

We have three primary channels for making money through our business model. We plan to sell our stores globally, offering financing and revenue-sharing options. We’ll also earn money by selling products directly to our stores and owners will pay us a subscription fee to maintain the stores and software. Plus we can license our technology to other businesses.

Store Sales
Store Operations
Tech Licensing
Meet the Leadership Team
The Team
Shoushana Ohanessian
Chairwoman of the Board and the President of Autonomous Solutions, Inc., Co-Founder
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Shahan Ohanessian
Board of Director Member and CEO of Autonomous Solutions, Inc. Co-Founder
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Andres Munoz
COO of VenHub Operations. Board of Advisors of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
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Lance Brinker
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics Operations.
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Marc Ross
Board of Advisors of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
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David Ojeda
Board of Advisors of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
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Seth Farbman
Board of Advisors of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
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Matt Hidalgo
Chief Financial Officer of Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
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What is VenHub and what makes it unique?

At VenHub, we are passionate about revolutionizing the retail industry. Our autonomous retail platform provides an experience that is seamless, personalized, and convenient for customers. What makes us unique is our cutting-edge technology and our focus on creating an experience that is both enjoyable and efficient for our customers.

How does VenHub work?

VenHub stores are modular, flexible, and easy to install. Customers drive up to the window of the store, and the store is designed to provide a seamless shopping experience. Our autonomous retail platform uses cutting-edge AI and robotics technology, enabling customers to shop at their own pace, on their own terms, and with complete control over their shopping experience.

What is the revenue model for VenHub?

Our primary revenue stream comes from the sale of VenHub stores to businesses looking to take advantage of the benefits of autonomous retail. We also offer a revenue-sharing model for businesses that prefer not to purchase a store outright, and a monthly SaaS and maintenance program to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.

What types of businesses can benefit from VenHub?

VenHub stores can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of businesses, including gas stations, convenience stores, quick-service restaurants, and many more.

How long does it take to install a VenHub store?

Our stores can be installed in as little as 7 days, thanks to our modular and flexible design.

What is the cost to build a VenHub store?

The cost to build a VenHub store ranges from $150,000 to $250,000, depending on the size of the store and the features included. As we ramp up our production the unit costs will get lower. We hope to offer a starting price of $99,000 in the years to come.

What is the monthly operating cost for a VenHub store?

Monthly operating costs vary depending on several factors, including the size, location, and products offered. However, our comprehensive SaaS and maintenance program ensures that our customers receive the best possible service and support.

How many SKUs does VenHub offer?

VenHub stores offer a wide variety of products, with a range of SKUs depending on the store size. A small store offers 300-400 SKUs, a medium store offers 600-800 SKUs, and a large store offers 1,200-1,600 SKUs.

What sets VenHub apart from other convenience stores?

VenHub's autonomous retail platform provides a shopping experience that is seamless, convenient, and efficient for customers. Our cutting-edge technology, innovative business models, and focus on customer satisfaction set us apart from the competition.

How does VenHub ensure the safety and security of customers?

We take safety and security very seriously, and our stores are designed with multiple safety features, including cameras, alarms, and emergency shut-off systems. Our stores are also equipped with the latest technology to prevent theft and ensure the safety of our customers.

What is the expansion plan for VenHub?

Our goal is to expand VenHub into new markets around the world, bringing the benefits of autonomous retail to businesses and consumers in new countries and regions. Our expansion plans are ambitious, but we believe that our autonomous retail platform is the future of retail, and we are committed to making it a reality.

What are the environmental benefits of VenHub?

VenHub's autonomous retail platform has a number of environmental benefits, including reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation, minimizing waste through efficient inventory management, and reducing energy consumption through the use of sustainable technologies.

What sets VenHub apart from other retail businesses?

VenHub is a revolutionary new concept that uses cutting-edge technology to create an autonomous retail platform. Our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other retail businesses.

How does VenHub plan to compete with larger retail chains?

Our modular and flexible store design, powered by the latest AI and robotics technology, allows us to offer a unique shopping experience that is personalized and frictionless. We believe that this, coupled with our multi-faceted revenue model, will allow us to compete with larger retail chains.

How will VenHub ensure that its stores are safe and secure for both customers and employees?

VenHub stores are equipped with advanced security systems that are designed to keep customers and employees safe at all times. Our stores are also equipped with AI-powered cameras and sensors that detect and respond to potential security threats in real-time.

What types of products will be available in VenHub stores?

VenHub stores offer a wide range of products, including food and beverage items, health and beauty products, household essentials, and more. Our product selection is carefully curated to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers.

How does VenHub plan to scale its business globally?

We have a clear and ambitious expansion plan that will allow us to bring the benefits of VenHub to businesses and consumers around the world. Our focus on building strong relationships with key stakeholders, including investors, partners, and customers, will be critical to our success as we scale our business.

What makes VenHub a good investment opportunity?

VenHub is a unique and innovative concept that is poised to disrupt the retail industry. Our focus on customer satisfaction, coupled with our cutting-edge technology and innovative revenue model, make us a strong investment opportunity.

How does VenHub ensure that its stores are fully stocked with products?

Our stores are equipped with advanced inventory management systems that are designed to ensure that products are always in stock. Our supply chain and logistics operations are also designed to ensure that products are delivered to our stores in a timely and cost-effective manner.

How does VenHub plan to build and maintain relationships with its customers?

We believe that building strong relationships with our customers is critical to our success. We plan to use a variety of marketing and engagement strategies, including loyalty programs, social media campaigns, and personalized promotions, to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers.

How will VenHub ensure that its stores are accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities?

We are committed to ensuring that our stores are fully accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities. Our stores are designed to be modular and flexible, allowing us to customize our store layouts to meet the needs of all customers.

What are the long-term goals of VenHub?

Our long-term goal is to become a leader in the retail industry and to change the way people shop. We plan to achieve this by expanding our business globally, building strong relationships with our customers and key stakeholders, and continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of the retail industry.

Why invest in startups?

Regulation CF allows investors to invest in startups and early-growth companies. This is different from helping a company raise money on Kickstarter; with Regulation CF Offerings, you aren’t buying products or merchandise - you are buying a piece of a company and helping it grow.

How much can I invest?

To calculate your net worth, just add up all of your assets and subtract all of your liabilities (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence). The resulting sum is your net worth.

What are the tax implications of an equity crowdfunding investment?

We cannot give tax advice, and we encourage you to talk with your accountant or tax advisor before making an investment.

Who can invest in a Regulation CF Offering?

Individuals over 18 years of age can invest.

What do I need to know about early-stage investing? Are these investments risky?

There will always be some risk involved when investing in a startup or small business. And the earlier you get in the more risk that is usually present. If a young company goes out of business, your ownership interest could lose all value. You may have limited voting power to direct the company due to dilution over time.  You may also have to wait about five to seven years (if ever) for an exit via acquisition, IPO, etc. Because early-stage companies are still in the process of perfecting their products, services, and business model, nothing is guaranteed. That’s why startups should only be part of a more balanced, overall investment portfolio.

When will I get my investment back?

VenHub is a privately held company, and its shares are not traded on a public stock exchange. As a result, the shares cannot be easily traded or sold. As an investor in a private company, you typically receive a return on your investment under the following two scenarios: The company gets acquired by another company. The company goes public (makes an initial public offering on the NASDAQ, NYSE, or another exchange). In those instances, you receive your pro-rata share of the distributions that occur, in the case of acquisition, or you can sell your shares on the exchange. It can take 5-7 years (or longer) to see a distribution or trading, as it takes years to build companies. In many cases, there will not be any return as a result of business failure. Investments in private placements and start-up investments in particular are speculative and involve a high degree of risk, and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest in start-ups. Companies seeking startup investments tend to be in earlier stages of development, and their business model, products and services may not yet be fully developed, operational or tested in the public marketplace. There is no guarantee that the stated valuation and other terms are accurate or in agreement with the market or industry valuations. Additionally, investors on Regulation CF offerings will receive securities that are subject to holding period requirements. The most sensible investment strategy for start-up investing may include a balanced portfolio of different start-ups. Start-ups should only be part of your overall investment portfolio. Investments in startups are highly illiquid and those investors who cannot hold an investment for the long term (at least 5-7 years) should not invest.

Can I sell my shares?

Shares sold via Regulation Crowdfunding offerings have a one-year lockup period before those shares can be sold under certain conditions.

Exceptions to limitations on selling shares during the one-year lockup period:

In the event of death, divorce, or similar circumstance, shares can be transferred to:

  • The company that issued the securities
  • An accredited investor
  • A family member (child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships)
What happens if a company does not reach their funding target?

If a company does not reach their minimum funding target, all funds will be returned to the investors after the close of the offering.

How can I learn more about a company's offering?

All available disclosure information can be found on the offering pages for our Regulation Crowdfunding offering.

How do I keep up with how the company is doing?

At a minimum, the company will be filing with the SEC and posting on it’s website an annual report, along with certified financial statements.  Those should be available 120 days after the fiscal year end.  If the company meets a reporting exception, or eventually has to file more reported information to the SEC, the reporting described above may end. If these reports end, you may not continually have current financial information about the company.

What relationship does the company have with Issuance Express?

Once an offering ends, the company may continue its relationship with Issuance Express (Jumpstart Micro Inc. d.b.a. Issuance Express) for additional offerings in the future. Issuance Express's affiliates may also provide ongoing services to the company. There is no guarantee any services will continue after the offering ends.

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Investors should weigh the risk of making investments, which includes the potential loss of your investment and the illiquid nature of non-public shares.

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