The next generation of clean energy vehicles is here.

Minimum Investment: $1,000
Share Price: $10.50
Minimum Target Offering: $25K · Maximum Offering: $5M
Invest Until: June 30, 2024
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More than 47,000 vehicle reservations.


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Minimum Investment: $1,000 · Share Price: $10.50 · View Form C →

June 2024
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Electric Vehicles
are growing

Bloomberg projects that Electric Vehicle sales will increase from 1.7 million vehicles in 2020 to 54 million by 2040. Aptera is looking to earn a significant portion of that growth.

A large

Potential Aptera Market is 600,000 units per year, with sales ramping up to a rate of 20,000 units per year in 2026 (based on management team's expectations, see Form C for more information about forward-looking statements).

Aptera was created from the ground up with one purpose in mind — energy efficiency.

Our unique shape allows Aptera to slip through the air using 30% of the energy versus other electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today. That efficiency allows Aptera to have a much longer range than competitive electric vehicles.

Management Team

Steve Fambro


Steve Fambro

Co-CEO Bio:

Venture partner and COO of Ocean Holding, an investment and development company dedicated to advancing the use of clean, renewable energy. Founder of Famgro; raised $8m to launch a superefficient pesticide/ herbicide-free indoor food-production system.

Chris Anthony


Chris Anthony

Co-CEO Bio:

Founder and former CEO of Flux Power, an advanced lithium-battery technology company that launched its first products in 12 months and has reduced carbon emissions in industrial spaces by over 1,000 tons of C02 per year. Has raised more than $100m in private equity, DPO, and grant funding for technology ventures. Chris holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of North Carolina.

Anywhere you want to go

Whether commuting to work or camping off the grid, your options are limitless with Aptera. Each vehicle can generate enough solar power for up to 40 miles of free daily driving. Plus, with Aptera's Launch Edition vehicle, you can travel up to 400 miles on a single charge.

The average American drives less than 30 miles per day, so most Aptera owners will never have to plug their vehicle in to charge. This lessens the need for power grid improvements for EV adoption and makes Aptera the first EV that is grid independent.

Listening to drivers

We see the two largest barriers to electric vehicle adoptions as cost and range anxiety. With a low cost of ownership and ranges up to 1,000 miles, our vehicles overcome most purchasing hesitancy.

Powering a Healthy Planet

Each Aptera owner can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Making it easier for everyone to do their part to keep our planet healthy for future generations.

Obsessed with efficiency

Aptera’s efficiency starts with its manufacture. With only six key structural parts, we have lower cost and lower carbon footprint technologies that assure minimal environmental impact at every step.

Use of

A complete look at use of proceeds from this offering can be found in the Form C filed with the SEC

Risk Factors

Risk factors: all investors should review the Risk Factors section within the Form C filed with the SEC for details about the risks associated with early-stage investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to invest?

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How was the valuation determined?

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Aptera was created from the ground up with one purpose in mind — energy efficiency.

Our unique shape allows Aptera to slip through the air using 30% of the energy versus other electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today. That efficiency allows Aptera to have a much longer range than competitive electric vehicles.

We intend to change the Future

Doing the impossible — something no other automakers have been brave enough to do. We’re harnessing the power of the sun to make life off the grid a reality for everyone.

Minimum Investment: $1,000 · Share Price: $10.50 · Minimum Target Offering: $25K · Maximum Offering: $5M · View Form C →

Invest $1,000+

Receive a $100 coupon, which can be applied to your Aptera reservation fee or the purchase price of your vehicle in the future.

Invest $2,000+

Receive a $1,000 coupon used to discount the purchase price of your vehicle in the future.

Invest $10,000+

Receive a $100 coupon, and a 5% discount on your Aptera (up to $2,500 value, applied after other coupons).